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The Duran Dental Laboratory, based in Houston, Texas for 24 years, is a part of the local neighborhood in the Houston area. Established in January 1993 by Tino Duran, a proud Certified Dental Technician (CDT). Through the use of refined dental product manufacturing techniques, we have excelled in our field of providing high-quality dental lab products and services to dental professionals. This lab specializes in crown & bridge, ceramics, removable full and partial dentures, custom abutments, orthodontic appliances, retainers and full-cast restorations. At Duran Dental Laboratory our goal is to provide service and technical support beyond our dentists’ expectations.


We pride ourselves on getting the work done on time and getting it done right the first time. At Duran Dental Labs, a high satisfaction rate among our clientele is what keeps us open. Time is of the utmost importance however, so is precision. With current and state of the art equipment, products receive the best care. Here the best is tried and the work gets done.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Phone: 281-482-0038


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